Metal Roofs and Wisconsin Weather

At Commercial Roofing of Wisconsin, we spend a lot of time dealing with how our unique climate effects different roofing materials. Wisconsin’s weather is known for its wide swing from hot summers to frigid winters, and the quick changes that can happen at a moment’s notice throughout the year. Being commercial roofing experts in Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls, Commercial Roofing of Wisconsin has some interesting facts about a material that we think is an excellent choice for Wisconsin roofs: metal roofs.

The benefits of metal roofs are endless, but let’s break it down by season. Here in Wisconsin, we have a vastly different experience in the summer months than we do in the winter months, and the change takes a toll on our roofs. Metal handles these changes with a unique durability and beauty.

Metal Roofs and Wisconsin Summers

We’re known for our winters, but summers in Wisconsin are something special. Tons of sunshine and ample precipitation keep everything a lush green color, but cause damage and wear and tear on traditional roofs. Metal roofs are much more resilient to the hot summer. Metal reflects the sun’s rays, not only protecting the roof but also keeping the entire building cooler, lowering cooling costs and saving valuable energy in the process. Water, hail, and wind shed off of the metal roofing easily, and a properly-installed metal roof is impervious to windstorms, holding up much better than shingle roofs.

Metal Roofs and Wisconsin Winters

Wisconsinites are adept at dealing with the cold of our long winters, but we can’t expect our roofing materials to survive without maintenance and attention. With metal roofing, there is very little required. Snow and ice have no chance at finding a foothold on a metal roof, and they quickly and easily are shed off. Punishing winter storms are no match for a metal roof, as the durability of our installations is designed to withstand winter winds like no other.

Metal roofs excel at meeting these seasonal challenges, but there are a host of other benefits as well. Metal roofs can be painted any color, bringing more design options to the table for your building. Moreover, a color change is easy, making the 30-50 year lifespan of a metal roof less of a commitment in terms of color and design. Metal roofs are also completely fireproof, and 100% recyclable. Combine that with their energy-efficiency potential and you have a truly green material.

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