4 Ways to Fix a Damaged Commercial Roof

Commercial roofs are built to last, delivering long-term performance and durability while keeping costs low. Despite their simple construction and durable materials, commercial roofs can still develop problems during their lifespan. When a roof is installed improperly, designed incorrectly, or not properly maintained, problems can surface that necessitate business owners and building managers to take action. In the majority of problems, there are 4 options to consider. Commercial Roofing of Wisconsin is your roofing expert in the Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls areas, and we can address your damaged roof with the option that is best for your unique situation.

Option #1: Repair

Some problems on a roof can be minor and easily repaired, so they don’t warrant the expense of a replacement. Repair is appropriate in situations where the membrane is intact and has not met its life expectancy, the roof has good insulation, or the business owner wants to keep costs to a minimum. Since repair is a quick-fix, low-cost option, it makes sense in many situations. While the repaired roof will never match the reliability or lifespan of a replacement roof, it’s also not the most long-term option.

Option #2: Re-cover

Even a roof that is too damaged to repair doesn’t necessarily require replacement. If the roof is fundamentally sound and was installed properly, the most effective solution may be to re-cover. In many cases, if a roof has only one membrane, you can add another membrane layer. However, keep in mind that a roof can only be re-covered once. If the roof is well insulated but the existing membrane is at the end of its life, re-covering may be the right option, saving you cost and time.

Option #3: Full Replacement  

If the damage is extensive, it may not be possible to re-cover. Also, if a roof has been re-covered once before, you’ll need to replace it. If repairs to the roof are extensive, or if 25% or more of the roof is damaged, it’s best to replace the membrane and start fresh. Also, if the roof insulation is not up to par, wet or damaged, it’s best to replace or supplement the existing insulation and replace the roof. In some situations, the business owner may be interested in a long-term replacement or looking to take advantage of new roofing technologies for energy efficiency or other reasons, warranting a full roof replacement.

Option #4: Coating

Many commercial roofs can be coated to extend their life. Coating is a relatively low-cost and painless operation that delivers extra protection from leaks and extends the life of the roof.

Reflective coatings provide energy savings by reflecting heat and UV energy away from the building, improving comfort inside the building by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the roof and keeping the roof and the building cooler. A coating also improves the look of the roof, giving you the appearance of a new roof at a fraction of the cost.

Regardless of which option is right for you, Commercial Roofing of Wisconsin is the right contractor to do the work. We’ll get your damaged roof back in great condition quickly and at a price you can afford.

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