How to Choose a Great Roofer

A commercial roofing job is a difficult task, but perhaps the most critical step happens before the job is even approved. Choosing the right roofer for your job can be a huge undertaking, and many business owners simply rely on word-of-mouth and hope for the best. You don’t need to take a gamble on your choice of roofing contractor, however, because there are a few questions you can ask to vet your candidates and separate the best from the mediocre. Your Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls commercial roofing experts at Commercial Roofing of Wisconsin believe we’re the best bet for any project, but we want you to be educated about what a quality roofing contractor has to offer. Here’s what you need to ask:

1. Does the contractor carry insurance?

A contractor should carry comprehensive liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you, and their employees, in the event of a roofing accident. Many fly-by-night roofers will tell you this is not necessary and they can offer lower prices by remaining uninsured, but the risk outweighs the reward of saving a few dollars. Make sure your contractor is adequately insured.

2. Is the contractor licensed and credentialed?

Several roofing manufacturers offer a variety of programs to professional contractors that establish their credentials as a knowledgeable roofing company. Homeowners can view a contractor’s credentials as another indicator of their degree of knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to the roofing trade. It’s a telling sign if a contractor doesn’t carry a license or any credentials, avoid them.

3. Does the contractor have good references and referrals?

While positive word-of-mouth isn’t the only criteria you should consider, it is vitally important. It’s best to look into a contractor’s history and find clients that recommend them. While contractors with many years in business and many accolades are your best bet, everyone has to start somewhere. Newer contractors with great recommendations are often a great choice for your project as well.

4. Does the contractor supply a well-written proposal or estimate?

The contractor’s proposal is a great barometer for their level of competency and commitment to excellence. Simply put, a proposal is a tentative agreement for a project. It offers a choice of products by brand name, prices, services and even designs. Many other provisions may also be included such as change order conditions and financing options.

The business owner should expect three product choices. These could be presented in the typical range of good, better and best. Appropriate product literature and samples should also be offered. A proposal should be extremely customer-friendly, thorough, and leave you with very few questions.

The Best Commercial Roofing in Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls

All of these criteria are met and exceeded by the experts at Commercial Roofing of Wisconsin. We’re your best bet for commercial roofing in Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls, and we have the experience, credentials, and referrals to prove it. Call us today at 262-349-6338 or visit our website and Contact Us today.

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