5 Ways Our Commercial Roof Insulation Saves You Energy Costs

Looking to cut costs on next year’s spending?

You may be assessing your research and development efforts, or considering a cut to your marketing dollars. But, a more cost-effective solution is available in a place you probably haven’t thought to look—the roof.

man installing roof insulation

Investing in commercial insulation for the roof of your office building is one of the best ways to lower spending and raise working conditions.

Insulation can provide a more consistent flow of heat and cooling, and a better level of moisture protection, all while lowering your office electric bill.

Here’s an in-depth look at the five main methods this roofing improvement saves money.

1. Control Heat Levels

Office buildings tend to be more vulnerable to rising heat levels because of the amount of glass on the windows.

Normal glass is weak against heat coming and going. This irregular flow is hard for the air conditioning system to keep up with, which means a little help from the roof is much needed.

Attacking heat levels with commercial insulation keeps a regular air flow throughout the day. No matter what climate your building is in, the proper insulation ensures you control the inside environment much better.

2. Stay Cool

Once you have established a norm for operating your air conditioning throughout the day, you can confidently keep everything cool.

Most facility managers think they will end up raising the electric bill if they overdo their cooling efforts. This is not the case with proper insulation. You no longer have to worry about cold air escaping or working harder, because the outside heat is under control.

3. Protect Against Moisture

Speaking of hot and cold air, don’t forget the benefits of fighting off the moisture that can happen when these two elements meet.

Insulation keeps moisture to a minimum thanks to the control you have over hot and cold air flows. This is crucial in preventing a leaky roof or moisture damage.

When hot air gets trapped in the roof, it turns into vapor and can lead to bigger problems for your roof and in your building. The more proactive you are in reducing this risk, the more money you save in the long-run by not having to spend time and money on expensive fixes.

4. Seal Air Leaks

The roof isn’t the only place air can turn into moisture and harm your office. It is, however, one of the most vulnerable points of entrance for air to get into your building and cause damage. From there, air leaks can attack the integrity of your walls and doors.

As such, better commercial insulation ensures better quality of the entire infrastructure.

5. Regulate Ducts

Although insulating a roof is one of the best ways to regulate airflow, there will still be some air coming and going from your building.

Don’t worry, it will be at a much lower rate, which means your ducts won’t have to work as hard to control what gets in and out. The roof becomes the main point of support for the longevity and quality of other systems.

Everything then comes together to work more efficiently with less energy. It saves you money and boosts your confidence in the environment control of your office.

Consult the Milwaukee Commercial Insulation Specialists

Stop spending money where you don’t need to. Instead, make the investment that can change the way your building operates from the inside out.

Funding commercial insulation for your Milwaukee building pays for itself in the long-run. It will save you a significant amount of energy costs and prevent major damage from happening to the structure of your office.

Start saving money and spend it smarter. Contact us today to talk about your insulation options!