How to Start Preparing for a Commercial Roof Replacement

Throughout the years, roofs take quite the beating. Whether they’re weighed down by snow, barraged by branches, or whipped around by strong winds, roofs stay strong for you.

picture of a roof during replacement

Sadly, everything wears down and must come to an end, and roofs are no exception.

Get ahead of the curve! Do you own a business or other commercial property in Milwaukee and know it’s time for an upgrade? Stay on top of your roof before it comes crashing down around you.

Read on to learn how you can prepare your business for a commercial roof replacement.

Have Your Commercial Roof Replacement Assessed by the Experts

Before you sign on the dotted line to get a full roof replacement, it would be good to educate yourself on all your options.

Thankfully, you can get away with small fixes for general wear and tear over the years. You only need a full commercial roof replacement if it has been severely damaged or left unreplaced for over 20 years.

A great way for them to assess your need is by utilizing infrared technology. Why replace something that isn’t damaged? Using this cutting-edge tech, a roofer can pinpoint exactly what areas have been damaged beyond repair. Talk to a Milwaukee roofing expert to know more about how this technology can save you money.

Have a Contingency Plan in Place

The show must go on! You probably won’t want to halt your business while construction workers are loudly replacing your roof.

Sit down with your roof contractor. Ask him or her whatever you need to get a clear picture of what it will look like inside the building during construction. Decide from there whether it’s at all feasible to continue business as usual throughout the process.

If it’s not possible, start thinking about a contingency plan.

If it works for your business, perhaps have your staff work at home while the replacement is underway. Do whatever you can to ensure your staff has everything they need to continue their work during this time and feel safe as they do it.

Be Ready for Anything

Murphy’s law is more than a saying—anything that can go wrong, will! Why not be one step ahead of it?

When you prepare your budget for your commercial roof replacement, set aside at least 5% of it for anything and everything that may go wrong. Call it your “Murphy’s Law Fund.”

One Final Checklist

  • Be sure you have enough space for the workers to park and have access to their vehicles.
  • Keep walkways clear, and move anything obstructing a high traffic area.
  • Speak to your building manager to see if it is necessary to disconnect building alarms—the vibrations can trigger them!
  • Post ample warning signs.
  • Remove anything hanging on walls.
  • Continue to communicate with your construction manager to see what else you need to prepare.

Time for an Upgrade

Having a proper roof is important not only to the integrity of your building but to the integrity of your business.

If you haven’t had anyone take a look at the roof, then it might be time for an upgrade. Don’t wait. Contact us and let our team of Milwaukee roof experts inspect it and give you a rundown on what needs to be replaced.