Flat Roof Repair or Replacement: Which Is Right For You?

The integrity of your roof is your first line of defense in staying protected from the elements and keeping down costs. No matter the nature of your business—from store to stadium—a leak will cause headaches.

When damage occurs, choosing between a flat roof repair or replacement is a major business decision that can affect your company both now and in the long run. It is essential that you have a great roof maintenance plan to prevent minor problems from becoming major expenses. Or, in the best case scenario, from arising at all.

But even best efforts can’t always prevent a leak, jeopardizing your ability to serve your customers. Keep reading to make sure you’re considering everything you should before deciding to repair or replace your flat roof.

a flat roof

What’s Your Budget?

Before you can even consider your options, you need to understand your budget.

A flat roof repair typically costs $300-500, whereas a replacement can cost several thousands of dollars, if not more.

Do you have insurance that will offset some of the costs of replacement? Can you delay a major expense for a year or more without affecting your business? What solution makes the most financial sense for you at the moment?

How Old is Your Roof?

The lifespan of every roof varies due to weather, location, and maintenance routine. However, a typical flat roof will last at least 10-15 years.

When considering flat roof repair vs. replacement, factor in the age of your roof and its prior maintenance history.

A roof near the end of its lifespan may survive a repair, but will probably need more work done in the near future. You may be spending more money in the long run by not opting for a replacement now. A newer roof, however, is worth trying to repair.

If your roof is less than 10 years old and in good condition generally, consider all your repair options before deciding to replace it.

What Caused the Damage?

Leaks are a problem regardless of their origin, but understanding their cause can help you determine whether a flat roof repair or replacement is more appropriate.

Damage from debris blown by the wind or a hail storm—provided the damage is confined to a small area of your roof—can be repaired.

If the root cause of your roof leaking is age, repairing the affected area may be a waste of time. Around 12-15 years into their use, roofs typically spring these kinds of leaks.

A good maintenance plan will preserve your roof as long as possible, but at some point you can expect to have to incur the cost of replacing it.

How Long Since Your Last Flat Roof Repair?

A quality repair should last a long time and restore the integrity of your roof. If you’re contemplating a second repair for work done within the last year, that’s an indication that either the work was done improperly or that your roof needs a more permanent fix.

Choose your contractor wisely or you risk wasting money and compromising your business. Though the industry has made improvements, the Better Business Bureau reports that unsatisfactory workmanship is the number one complaint from customers about roofing professionals.

Remember: You may save money in the long run investing in a cost- and energy-efficient new roof instead of repeatedly trying to repair your current one.

Repair or Replace? Trust the Experts

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