Flat Rate

Maintaining proper maintenance on your roof will save you time and money while reducing the risk for damage inside your building. Every type of roof will benefit from doing preventative maintenance, and ensure you get the maximum number of years out of your roof. A lot of commercial flat roofs have seams and penetrations that age and deteriorate over time that come apart and cause leaking. At WCR we use proven industry leading products and manufacturer’s recommended techniques to help protect your building from costly water damage.

Our experienced crews are certified and have the experience to help prevent unnecessary water damage to your building and business. At WCR we are current with industry-leading technologies and follow a meticulous waterproofing process to ensure that your assets are preserved against harsh weather. Doing repairs is a great way to keep water out while keeping the budget down. Here at WCR we offer FLAT RATE repair and maintenance services while getting the job done in a timely manner with no price hassling or hidden fees. Let us inspect your roof for free and we will put together a comprehensive maintenance plan for you or provide a detailed analysis of the condition of your roof. We would love to earn your business and if repairs or waterproofing methods are what you are looking for we will respond accordingly.

Remember to call us to ask about our FLAT RATE roof services today! Your roof is crucial to protecting your business, let WCR’s team of professionals help you preserve the integrity of your building. Call us at 262-349-6338.