Why Your Business Should Opt for a Flat Roof

Planning a new building for your business?

Chances are that you have thought extensively about both the interior and exterior of your building. But have you thought about the type of roof you’ll need?

While many residential homes have sloped roofs, flat roofs are often the best choice for commercial buildings in Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls.

workers installing a flat roof

Below are the top reasons your business should opt for a flat roof for your building.

A Flat Roof Offers More Space For Equipment

Flat roofs are great because they offer a lot more space and flexibility than other types of roofs.

It can sometimes be hard to fit everything that is necessary for your building’s interior. Flat roofs can provide additional space that can be used for mechanical equipment such as heating equipment, air conditioners, and ventilation systems.

An added bonus is that placing loud equipment on your roof will help to diminish the amount of excessive noise inside of your building, where it could be bothersome to workers or customers.

Affordable and Easy to Install

The installation of flat roofs can be much more affordable than other types of roofs. Installation can also be a much simpler and easier process.

With flat roofs, your costs are lowered since you won’t have to add materials such as shingles or other unnecessary features. As a result, you will likely end up paying much less than you would for a typical sloped roof.

Easier Maintenance On A Flat Roof

Another great thing about using flat roofs on commercial buildings is that flat roofs are typically a lot easier to maintain.

While all types of roofs will require some maintenance, the maintenance of flat roofs can be much easier because they are so much more accessible compared to pitched roofs. Additionally, the maintenance of flat roofs often will cost much less than other types of roofs.

Wind Resistant

Flat roofs are also resistant to stormy weather and high-wind conditions. A sloped roof can be particularly vulnerable on a windy day, but flat roofs will be well-protected and have a lower chance of suffering from damage.

For one thing, there are no shingles on a flat roof. Shingle roofs have been found to fare the poorest in windy hurricane conditions. With a flat roof, there won’t be as many materials for high winds to tear away.

Energy Efficient

Flat roofs are also excellent because they are more energy efficient. When you have a flat roof, you can have a smaller amount of unused space in your building.

Since there will be less unused space due to a pitched roof, it will be much easier to heat and cool your building as needed. This can cost you less power to keep the inside of your building at the right temperature and allow you to conserve energy and your power bill.

Long Lasting

When properly installed, flat roofs can last a long time. These roofs also come with excellent warranties, helping to ease your financial burden if something does need to be fixed.

Flat roofs typically will come with a 10-20 year warranty. If installed properly and maintained well, flat roofs have an expected lifespan of 25 years or more.

Final Thoughts

While sloped roofs can be a great choice for residential applications, it’s hard to beat the appeal of a flat roof when it comes to designing the building for your business.

While some people believe that flat roofs are problematic because they lack proper drainage, it’s simply not true. If professionals properly set up the roof during installation, you won’t have any problems, and a flat roof will end up being a much better choice in the long run.

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