Waterproofing & Energy Savings

Business owners and property managers understand the challenges faced when protecting their assets against the elements unique to the Midwest environment. WCR provides effective solutions to threats against the integrity of a structure due to water damage and to sinking profits due to high energy costs from poor insulation.

Water damage has serious consequences to the overall integrity of a building. WCR protects structures with effective waterproofing techniques and meticulous testing procedures designed to protect against the harshest of elements.

Our waterproofing services include maintenance schedules that are helpful for overall leak prevention and to retain manufacturer warranties.

Inadequate roof insulation has a negative effect on a budget due to the rising costs of heating and cooling a building. WCR provides remedies to this problem by using various types of insulation boards. The northern climate requires insulation strategies to ensure the highest level of energy cost savings.

WCR recommends incorporating added R value through various insulated roof boards. Our preferred method of roof insulations is using polyisocyanurate insulation (ISO board) to offer the best long term value for energy savings and roof durability. Polyiso has the highest R value per inch for any type of any rigid foam board insulation. A polyiso continuous insulation system keeps energy and heat loss to a minimum, increasing the building’s energy efficiency and leading to lower monthly operating costs. With various types of roof insulation available WCR will design and recommend what is best for your situation. Our methods of staggering the joints with the insulation boards will also maximize the roof’s R value and keep the heat inside where it belongs. WCR will recommend what insulation to add based off ASHRAE’s building codes and regulations in your city. We want to make sure your new roof is code compliant and durable to the elements. The more insulation you add under your roof the more you save…it’s that simple.

Contact WCR to learn how our waterproofing and insulation techniques will help to protect your building and your budget. Call us at 262-349-6338 or email us.