Feerick Funeral Home

We view every roof as a system with several components. Each of them works together and must be tended to for the whole system to function at optimal capacity.


Feerick Funeral Home is dedicated to providing solace and nurturing care to those we serve through respectful and dignified care for their deceased loved ones.


  • Client Feerick Funeral Home
  • Task Tear off failed TPO roofing membrane over cover board & built up roofing 2 ply of hot asphalt “tar” & gravel over a wood deck that wasn’t ever pitched properly. Disassemble several HVAC units and lines on roof. Re pitch the roof using polyisocyanurate “ISO board” with a custom tapered design toward the outer perimeter . Install new fully adhered 60 mil EPDM “rubber” roofing new custom bent perimeter pre finished steel flashing.
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