Shorewood Apartments

With industry-leading practices and dedication to our loyal customers, we work closely with owners of commercial buildings to restore their roofs to peak condition without breaking the bank.


At Shorewood, we pride ourselves on offering historic and well-maintained buildings in vibrant areas of the city. Our dedicated property managers are committed to ensuring your living experience is top notch.


  • Client Shorewood Apartments
  • Task Tear off built up roofing 2 ply of hot asphalt “tar” & gravel & rubber membrane roof over wood decking. Re pitch the roof using polyisocyanurate “ISO board” with new tapered insulation layout on entire roof. Install new retro fit roof drains. Install new tapered ISO saddles in-between scupper drain points. Install new fully adhered 60 mil EPDM “rubber” roofing. Install new pre finished metal perimeter flashing.
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